Why did you decide to get into the wellness field?

There is a lot we can’t control in life, but the food we put in our mouth and the amount of movement we allow ourselves ever day we can control.  But for so many of us, confusion, too much information, too little information, lack of motivation and an unwillingness to change what’s comfortable holds us back. I got into this field so that I impact behavior change, one person at a time by offering scientifically sound, easy, realistic and innovative approaches towards eating healthier.

What is your philosophy or approach to health and wellness?

I’ve always embraced a “back to the basics” approach when it comes to food. If a food that you put in your body hurts you rather than helps you, perhaps it’s not the best choice and if it’s been processed to the point where it is no longer food – its definitely not the right choice.

What’s the one thing you wish more people knew about health and wellness?

It takes anywhere from 6-12 weeks to truly make a change. Those weeks will probably be challenging, perhaps even uncomfortable, but if you can get through that very short amount of time and change just one behavior, your much more likely to stick with it – and end up happier on the back end.

What’s it like working with you?

Many of the people I’ve worked with tell me I provide them approaches towards healthy eating and weight loss that makes sense to THEM, as an individual.  Too many individuals in our field pass off a handout, or a meal plan but if the meal plan contains foods a person does not like, guess what – the meal plan won’t work.

What’s your favorite client success story?

One of my best client stories is a woman whom I am friends. We’ll call her Lisa.  Lisa tried “every diet out there” for 20 years and they all failed. She told me she lacked motivation, didn’t like exercise, and didn’t want to give up her favorite foods – but in the end, she was miserable. She would call me on Saturday mornings and tell me she cried half of Friday night away looking for an outfit for the evening that looked good on her obese body. One Saturday she had had enough, and her call turned into a plea.  Knowing her personality, I decided that a super baby steps approach would work best. I knew if I could get her to put on a pair of jeans on a Friday night and love the way she looked, I could get her to give up some of those foods she loved and more importantly, could give her the motivation to lose the rest of the weight she had been carrying around for 20 years.  So baby steps it was. My friend drank a martini every night and 4 nights out of the week, she had 2-3 when out with friends. So for the first three weeks, I asked her to change nothing but go down to 2 martinis’s a week. In addition to that, I wanted her to walk 10,000 steps a day (I gave her a pedometer to do this). Three weeks later, she was down 13 pounds, enough weight to buy an outfit one size down. Motivation after those three weeks was not a problem, and neither was giving up the huge portions of her favorite foods. One year later, she reached her goal weight, and 6 months after that, she ran her first 5 mile race.  Lisa always had it in her, but years of deprivation and disappointing results had caused her to throw in the towel.  One she had an approach that was easy, she embraced it and will probably live a lot longer because of it.

I’m interested in hiring you to speak at our event. What’s involved?

I’ve got a list of my most popular speeches here, but can customize a talk to fit your needs. Please email me directly to discuss these details as well as my rates.

Can we hire you as our spokesperson?

I am a spokesperson for several national companies and can offer a wide range of spokesperson services such as blogging, media interviews, attendance at trade shows, etc. Please contact me directly to find out if I would be a good spokesperson for you!

Even a nutritionist can’t eat healthy all the time, right? What’s your favorite guilty pleasure food?

The problem with our society is just not we’re eating the wrong things, we are eating too much of the wrong things. An ice cream cone, in an appropriate portion, once a month won’t kill you – it’s having gobs and gobs of ice cream every week that will. So, my favorite indulgence is chocolate chip cookies – and I have about 10 a year, and often split them with a friend over coffee.

What do you like to do for exercise?

I love hiking and running and recently, have really embraced resistance-training classes that are high intensity – and tons of fun!