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Your Body on a Halloween Binge

Ok, I get it – don’t be a Halloween buzzkill, right? Well I’m here to tell you that having a few pieces of candy at Halloween won’t kill you. BUT – if you’re planning on a binge, then let me at least tell you what it will do to your body!

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The Soy Debate

If I had to lost the top most confusing issues that women wonder about I’d put soy right there at the top. Does it cause breast cancer, or prevent it? How should I eat it? How much is too much? Want the answers?

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The Hurdles Holding Us Back from Going Vegan

My husband and I have been quasi-vegetarians for the past four years. We don’t eat chicken or red meat (including pork) but we do consume eggs, dairy and fish. We’ve had many conversations about the possibility of going full vegan but there was always something prohibiting us from taking the 100-percent animal-free plunge. Then my husband Andy (a marathon runner) read a book about a vegan ultra-marathoner and his mind was set. For Andy, it was now vegan — or bust.

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