5 Foods This Dietitian Would Never Eat

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If your career has anything to do with food, you are probably experienced at fielding questions and comments from others when you’re at dinner parties, restaurants, and basically anyplace that involves eating and people.

Nutrition is a hot topic, and one that we can’t escape. Thousands of books, websites and blogs are fixated on it. Why? Perhaps the reason is because there is no way around eating — we all have to do it. While we can make conscious decisions as to whether or not we exercise, do yoga, meditate, cook, and manage stress, eating is not a decision that’s up to us — it’s vital to our health, and most importantly, our ability to sustain life.

The questions I hear most often when out with friends or complete strangers are: “How does my plate look?” and “What can I do to lose weight?” My favorite is: “It looks like you just eat vegetables all day.” Well, I do love vegetables, but it’s not all I eat, and — gasp — sometimes I put cheese on my broccoli and every once in a while I’ll have some ice cream or a few pieces of pizza. Moderation, I believe, is the key to optimal nutrition. Giving everything up has never made sense to me, but there are five things that I will never let touch my lips.

Brigid Titgemeier, B.S. contributed to this blog.

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