I work for a . . .

Kristin Kirkpatrick


Looking to help my employee’s live longer and better

I’ve worked with several fortune 500 companies on everything from employee wellness plans, presentations, employee consults, foodservice consulting and health plan incentives. Let me help you make your employee’s better and improve your bottom line!

Interested in working with you for general consulting.

Are you a startup web service looking to enhance your nutritional content? Let’s work together to make your business shine!

15 Years working at the Cleveland Clinic Wellness Institute gave me a behind the scenes look at what works (and what doesn’t work) in a unique hospital setting to create a healthier environment for patients, visitors, and caregivers.


I’m thrilled that the food industry is making strides to provide more whole foods options to consumers with less foreign ingredients. There is still much more work to be done. I’ve worked with food companies to devise formulations and simplify ingredients, and serve as a spokesperson for only the highest quality products. Show your target audience YOU are serious about providing them the fuel they deserve!


I have extensive experience working with the media. I can provide you with evidence based comments related to the story you’re working on. I can also discuss writing articles for you, or appearing on your show. Let’s chat!


I’ve worked with several school districts and private schools on improving the food and wellness services to their students, staff and parents. Good food choices are critical for parents when deciding what school their children should attend. Don’t let a bad lunch menu take away your competitive edge. Let’s work together!


I’ve been presenting at major conferences for over 15 years. I cover a variety of topics and can deliver in a way that will not only keep everyone awake and enthralled, but in a manner that will be bringing participants back to your conference next year! Whether it’s 5 people or 5,000 people, I’ve done it and can do it for you!


Please contact me for the full list of my speech topics, or to discuss an idea you have for your conference.