Me and my team provide consulting to individuals looking to manage or reverse a chronic condition, lose weight, or just improve health. Some of my most popular services include the following:

Kristin Kirkpatrick Individual Consulting


Food patterns are often shaped by our ethnicity and family structure.  Let’s start a new family tradition.  I’ll come to YOU virtually and meet with the whole family on improving your nutritional needs. Let me take over your kitchen, raid your pantry and fridge and get your kids to finally eat their vegetables!  If you have a personal chef, let me design healthy alternatives and recipes.


We can meet, on your schedule, anywhere in the world!  Virtual consults are scheduled in 1 hour appointment slots and are conducted remotely.


My coaching services include a variety of levels to fit your budget.  Contact me for pricing and to learn more about how we can structure a relationship.  We offer 1 time consults, 3 and 6 month engagements and a high touch VIP service.


Studies show that the more individualized the dietary plan is, the more likely an individual is able to stick with it. There is NO better personalization approach then eating for your genetics. Learn more  about this fascinating science and contact me about how you can get tested through KAK Consulting.