My nutrition philosophy

Most of us look at food in the wrong way. We view it as a medication to comfort us, as entertainment to occupy us, or the devil in disguise that we limit to fit into our high school jeans.

None of these perspectives work. The ONLY way we should be looking at food is as fuel, because, after all, that’s what it is. My wish for all my patients and supporters is to help them get off their latest diet and get into a sustainable lifestyle that fuels their body and soul.

You can download my bio here, but if you want a better perspective of what I’m all about, read on!

The road to healthy eating is not easy. I struggled with weight as a young child and had the early signs of pre-diabetes. I saw a Dietitian to lose weight and began my journey towards living a better life with better fuel!

I went to college and graduate school with some uncertainty and a firm passion for health and wellness. How would I make a career out of helping others? The Dietitian lightbulb went off. I met an amazing teacher and mentor while completing my graduate work at the American University.

After receiving my degree, I came home to Cleveland and started the Coordinated Dietetics program at the University of Akron. What an amazing place to learn from some of the best Dietetic professionals in the industry.

I connected with future Dietitians who are now changing the world of nutrition! I lead major disease reversal programs at the Cleveland Clinic, have my own show on PBS, and make regular appearances on The TODAY show and the Dr. Oz show.

I am a sought after public speaker, author, media personality and wellness consultant. My best-selling book, Skinny Liver about non-alcoholic fatty liver disease is changing lives.

I am interviewed multiple times a week for major magazines and newspapers. I’m blessed to have the opportunity to share my message of health, longevity and wellness through national media outlets!

I consider it a privilege to share my message on a big stage to help as many people as possible.

Where I’m from

I’m proud to say I was born and raised in the great city of Cleveland, Ohio.

I have had the honor of leading nutrition for the Cleveland Clinic Wellness Institute for the past 15 years. I spent ten years in Washington, DC where I went to college (George Washington University), and then Graduate school (The American University) where I received my Master’s Degree in Health Management.

DC was also the place where I met my Husband, Andy. We have two beautiful boys, two bullmastiffs named Plug and Butters, and a very spunky little French Bulldog named Arlene (after my mother no doubt). You can find Arlene’s Profile on my Meet My Team page (the dog, not my mother!).

I’m a ridiculously loyal Cleveland Cavaliers fan, love to hike, run and ski and have an affinity for coffee, high heels, movies that make you laugh out loud, spending hours in grocery stores, music, and spending quiet (or not so quiet with two young boys) evenings with my family.

I now call the great state of Colorado my home. In March 2018 I moved to Denver to set up KAK Consulting in the Denver/ Boulder area. I am actively engaged in the natural foods movement and continue to help companies, employees, and families become healthier.

Being a registered dietitian is my vocation, not my occupation

The word vocation means “a calling.” And, my brother once told me that a vocation is the intersection of your greatest desire with the world’s greatest need. I fully realize that truth today. I sit at the intersection of my greatest desire, helping people live longer and better, with the world’s greatest need, good health. Are you in need? Let’s design a plan.