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Check out TODAY.COM to find articles, recipes and meal plans that I submit on a regular basis!

You’ll start fueling better with me, but you’ll need someone you can trust to help get you moving as well! I met Donovan a few years ago when we did the TODAY show together and since then, my fitness has been taken to a new level! I consider Donovan one of the best trainers on earth. Donovan’s exercise programs are a perfect complement to the nutrition guidance you’ll get from me!

I’m proud to have recently been appointed a Senior Fellow of the Meadows Behavioral Healthcare. The Meadows is a world-renowned drug rehab and psychological trauma treatment center.

Sometimes the best way to stay ahead of your goals it to track it day in and day out! I’m a proud advisor to the Lose It! weight loss app and know first-hand that it helps people who want to track their food intake. Good results come from starting good habits and tracking your food is an essential first step. 

I’ve been working with the Dr. Oz show since before it even started and am proud to be a member of their advisory board for the past several years.

I’m VERY picky about supplements my patients are interested in. Eniva Health is one company that I feel has high quality products that can help compliment a healthy eating plan.  Friends and supporters of Kristin Kirkpatrick will get special discounted rates towards their products (I personally love their vitamin D drops). 

Nooma is an organic electrolyte drink that comes in several amazing flavors. With a couple simple ingredients, organic coconut water and sea salt, NOOMA naturally provides the electrolytes you need to stay hydrated. To see what Nooma is all about, visit their site. Use coupon code "krissypicks" for 20% off your order!

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eVitamins has been in business since 1999 and carries over 28,000 products from over 720 different manufacturers. Their mission is to deliver the freshest products to their customers at the lowest price with amazing service, consistently providing the best value when shopping for health and beauty products online.

How are you fueling today? Want to fuel better?

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