11 Foods To Add To Your Diet In 2011 (PHOTOS)

Updated: Feb 7, 2018

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Has there been a drastic increase in the number of people at your gym? It’s a New Year and that brings on new resolutions. I was at my gym last night taking a yoga class and it was packed; loaded with people who swore that this year, they were going to improve their health. At the end of the class, the yoga teacher said something that really made me think. She asked us all to make a resolution this year to actually love and appreciate our bodies.

The entire gym was filled with individuals who appeared to be downright angry with their bodies so when this resolution was suggested, the attention in the room heightened. I thought about the concept of appreciating one’s own body and immediately visions of some of my favorite foods that make the body stronger appeared in my head.

Inspired by my yoga instructor and the fact that many individuals are not even aware of some of the healthiest foods in their grocery store, I thought I’d make a New Year’s resolution list of my own. I encourage you to add this to your resolutions as well.

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