The Good, the Bad, and the Deep-Fried Side of Your Sushi Habit

You can have your sushi and eat it too!

Read my article in U.S. News & World Report about how to make sure your sushi habit is a healthy one.

The Good, the Bad and the Deep-Fried Side of Your Sushi Habit

I am a sushi fan. I love the simplicity of sushi, the excitement of mixing various ingredients together in a tantalizing fusion and the lure of eating a cuisine that is completely foreign to my Hispanic and Polish roots. I’m not alone, either. The sushi business is booming, and trends indicate that it won’t slow down anytime soon. When I was a child, though, a night out for sushi was not the norm. For Americans, it’s a fairly new restaurant trend – and unfortunately, we Westerners have already started to change the basic sushi roll structure.

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