“I’ve always embraced
a ‘back to the basics’ approach
when it comes to food.”

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Skinny Liver – The Best-Selling Book from Kristin Kirkpatrick

If you are one of the 80 million individuals with NAFLD (nonalcoholic fatty liver disease) or you just want a solid and sustainable plan for weight lost, and lots of delicious nutrient dense recipes, then you MUST get my new book.

“The New Rules of Food with Kristin Kirkpatrick” on PBS

Watch a clip from my new PBS special, “The New Rules of Food.”


Kristin is an award-winning dietitian, an author, a regular guest on national and local TV, as well as a frequent contributor to a variety of national magazines.


Kristin often presents at conferences, trade shows, and corporate retreats. Her engaging personality helps her connect with audiences, while her informative style makes even challenging topics accessible.


One of the nation’s leading nutrition and wellness experts, Kristin consults for both corporate and individual clients, in clinical, corporate, government, or private settings.


Whether it’s print, TV, web or radio, media outlets solicit Kristin’s opinion because they appreciate her professionalism, value her expert credentials, and enjoy her approachable style.

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